Color Test

(for unmade series “Avenue H”)

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In 1998 we were approached from some people in LA about doing a television series based on Roadhead.  Tommy was friends with Rick Linklater and thought he might be interested in executive-producing.  Turns out that he was.  However, as the project evolved it turned into more of a scripted, loosely autobiographical thing with characters. 

This was the first rotoscoped thing we ever did in color.  At the time it was shocking to me to think about filling in the whole frame -- such a lot of work!  It was the first step down a long dark road to the uncanny valley. 

This uses some clips from Roadhead. The color stuff was animated by myself, Jennifer Drummond and Mike Layne.  This also shows us as cartoon characters and uses Linklater staple-actors Wiley Wiggins and Bill Wise as ‘potential animators’.

The show never got made -- you can probably see why.  But after this, I think the idea of using animation began to grow in ‘the Link’s” head and eventually led to Waking Life.


1998, 4 minutes