Get Your War On

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For a lot of 2008 we worked with to bring David Rees’ comic “Get Your War On” to life on the web.  Initially we rotoscoped a 5-minute library of ‘stock footage’ for them.  From these animated shots they put together a new episode each week for 18 weeks. 

They recorded new voice tracks each week, videotaping the actors’ mouths.  Then they sent us the animated edit for each week, along with accompanying voice-actor video.  We drew new mouths on the characters to match the new audio each week.

Here are links to the 18 episodes and the 30-second promo.

(They keep changing these -- please let us know if they stop working!)

The Watch List (07/31/08)

You Are Loved (8/7/08)

The Race Card (8/14/08)

The Surge (8/22/08)

Cindy McCain (8/29/08)

The Cross (9/5/08)

Moose Meat (9/13/08)

Sarah Palin and the Rape Kits (9/19/08)

Bailout!? (9/26/08)

Dominating the News Cycle (10/3/08)

The Debate (10/9/08)

White Man’s Burden (10/17/08)

Chaos! (10/31/08)

New World Order (11/6/08)

Obama Bandwagon (11/14/08)

Jump Off The Roof (10/24/08)

The Day Traitors (11/21/08)

Thanksgiving Day (11/26/08)


2008, 18 episodes (1-2 minutes each)