About Jot Keyboard

Jot is the drawing application that fits right in the keyboard space of your iphone! When texting your friends, now you can make their day with a custom emoji! Or handwrite your messages to give them an extra personal touch.

Jot features these cool tools:

-Variable-width brush with adjustable thickness.
-Draw over or under the previous brushstrokes.
-Adjustable brush transparency.
-Choose from 40 colors.
-Eraser tool.
-Adjustable canvas height.
-Left and right-handed tool settings.

Apple does not yet provide for keyboards to automatically insert images into text. However, it's very simple to copy and paste your artwork. To insert your mini-masterpiece into a message, simply tap the 'Copy' button and then hold your finger down in the text area where you want to paste.

A picture is worth a thousand words -- save yourself some typing!

Get it on the iTunes App Store HERE!